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Slenderman (Operator) VS Slenderman (Guardian)

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PostPosted: Thu 26 Sep 2013 - 21:42    Post subject: Slenderman (Operator) VS Slenderman (Guardian) Reply with quote

It has been about 6 months since the Rake incident. Me and Jess have started dating and are going camping this weekend. Those names my guardian have told me are stuck in my head, particularly The Operator. I have read that he resides in the woods, I am a little worried. Jess tells me not to worry about it, but we are going to Rosswood Park.

"How much longer til we get there Jess." I said

"Oh about 30 minutes, not much longer."

"Hopefully those stories are just stories."

"Don't worry so much I have been going there my whole life and I haven't seen any 'Operator'."

"Your right I just might be worrying too much."

"Lets enjoy ourselves."

I couldn't shake the feeling that I would meet The Operator, hopefully my guardian is there to help me. I don't think either of us will survive this alone if we meet him. From what I have read, he is brutal, evil, and persistent. He isn't to be fucked with in other words.

When we got to the park, I hesitantly got out of the car. I really didn't want to go into those woods, and I probably wouldn't have if Jess didn't go first. I followed her down the trail making sure to memorize my way out of the park. We set up camp at a random clearing.

"Alright that's everything, what do you want to do now?" Jess said.

"I kinda want to look around make sure this place is safe and 'he' isn't here."

"If it makes you feel better go ahead."

"Will you be okay by yourself?"

"Unlike you I don't believe in this 'Operator'."

I walked away, hoping not to see any signs of him. I kept walking and say three major landmarks, a shed, what looks like an under construction house, and a tunnel, I decided to investigate the tunnel. There seemed no point to this tunnel, it just was an easier way to get over a hill that's all, or so I thought. The tunnel had his markings, but I thought it was just some punk kids who knew of The Operator trying to scare others. I was just about to leave when all of a sudden I heard a light static in my ear. It ended up getting louder and louder to the point where it hurt. I was scared, and felt something behind me. I turned to see my worst nightmare, The Operator. He just stared at me, he looked just like my guardian, the only difference was the static, the unbearable static. Soon those tendrils came out of his back, I ran for my life.

I made it back to the camp space, empty and deserted. There was a heavy fog rolling in, I didn't feel I was in the same park anymore. I retraced my steps to the way out of here to see if for some odd reason Jess was packing up. I followed the steps exactly, but the forest didn't end It kept going. I knew I was at the end of the forest, but there was more. I was in The Operator's realm, in his world, the end was near, but then I heard a low whisper.

"You should've known to never of come here." Slenderman my guardian whispered as he appeared from the mist.

"You're back! I don't think I can do this without you!"

"Well you might have to. The Operator is much more powerful than me. I am just a peasant compared to him. He has existed for centuries, and I have only been here for 17 years, since you were born. I may not be able to defeat him."

"Do you know how to exit this world then?"

"No, I could barely enter this zone, this is his territory. The only reason I was able to come here is because of my bond with you. He grows near, I suggest running now" he said as he disappeared into the mist.

"Wait, WAIT!"

I heard the crunch of leaves, and the static started up in my ears. He is near. I began to run, I ran as fast as I could until I ran into a particularly dark tree. I looked up to see that evil empty face of The Operator. He grabbed me with his tendrils and brought me face to face with him as the static began to become unbearable. He made me stare into his face for what seemed like an eternity until I saw another blank face behind him, my guardian was here.

The Guardian struck The Operator in the back with a particularly sharp tendril, but the Operator didn't seem in the least bit phased by this attack as he continued to hold me close to his face, his grip tightening. I started feel my life slowly fade away, until The Guardian used a tendril to slash at The Operator's tendril he was using to hold me, it hurt him this time. The Operator turned to face his attacker and just stood there as he stared at The Guardian.

"Why are you protecting this lowly human, his intestines deserve to be hung from the tree outside his parents house." whispered The Operator.

"What for? For being a human, or because we can?" whispered The Guardian.

"No, for destroying our homes, and the rest of the planet. We have had to make these fake forests just to be able to live due to their destructive nature."

"Humans can change, if they know sentient beings such as us live in forests they will learn from their mistakes."

"They need to know for everything, not just sentient beings."

It was like a whisper battle, until The Operator made the first move, sending a tendril straight at The Guardian's nothingless face. The Guardian managed to teleport out of the way in the nick of time, but to no avail as The Operator already saw this coming and had a second tendril waiting at The Guardians teleportation spot. The tendril pierced The Guardian's right leg, The Operators aim was a bit off. The Guardian was unable to move with the tendril through his leg, so The Operator brought him close, and spoke to him.

"This doesn't have to be the end for you." The Operator spoke, tearing open a vicious mouth from his empty face.

"If it means I have to kill humans then I wish for this to be the end." The Guardian did the same.

"There are few of us, we need you with us. The Observer and I, are preoccupied chasing rather difficult targets who know way too much. We can use you for the small fry, like this pathetic worm."

"I will never join your side!"

"Then DIE A TRAITOR!" said The Operator as he sent a tendril through The Guardians chest.

I lay there in shock knowing the guardian saved my life, but I couldn't save his. This was finally then end of me, finally the end. I looked The Operator in the eyes, and felt for the knife I brought with me for camping. I rushed at the Operator knife drawn and started slashing away. This seemed to remind him of another man he faced as he mouthed the word Jeff. He simply teleported behind me and wrapped me up in his tendrils, I at least tried. I was about to accept my fate as I noticed The Guardian, reaching towards me. I took his hand and he switched places with me.

"YOU ARE STILL ALIVE! FINE THEN, DIE!" The Operator screamed

The Operator ripped The Guardian in half and spread his guts around the trees by throwing them into the air. I began to run with all I had, I saw a light at the end, maybe that was the real Rosswood.


I lept to the light barely escaping.


I made it back to Jess and we left Rosswood, never to return. I am now in my house typing this up, hoping that this Alex person is able to defeat The Operator, if not then it was a good run. I just hope none of the other still living slenderman are as powerful as The Operator. This Observer seems to be next in line. Hopefully I don't run into him, but just in case I am training. I also found this Jeff person The Operator was talking about. I might be able to recruit him as an ally to destroy The Operator, but I hope it doesn't come to that.…
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