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How to summon a creepypasya

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PostPosted: Thu 18 Jun 2015 - 17:55    Post subject: How to summon a creepypasya Reply with quote

Voilà, c'était ma première pasta, pas tip top d'ailleurs vu qu'il y a mention de creepypastas déjà existant là dedans, et ça fait penser à de la fanfic. Donc je pense que je vais changer ça, ainsi que le titre. En revanche, je veux conserver l'idée de support de conversation forum. Donc en gros je retaperai tout ça, en inventant des noms de créatures avec d'autres rituels, histoire que ça fasse pas fanfic de skyblog. Par contre, à l'époque j'avais tout écrit en anglais, vu que je connaissais pas CFTC !

Donnez moi votre avis, je suis consciente qu'il y a du boulot pour celle-ci.

Warning: contains strong language.
maddy185 has opened a new conversation.

maddy185, 01:23 AM : hey ppl, i’ve just checked my mail box and i received this weird shit in the instant: my sis and i don’t know what it is about, here it is :

“Somebody is getting more and more on your nerves ? How about making him/her meet a sticky end, thanks to Creepypasta Monsters ?

These creatures, criminals or entities are perfectly skilled at making your wish come true: their outstanding supernatural abilities, as their long experience in the art of murder, won’t never fail to deceive you in satisfying your darkest desires !

Here’s the way to proceed: you’ll first have to choose and find one of the items listed below: each item corresponds to one particular Creepypasta.

Then, look at the picture of the little girl below, and put it on full screen: this child creepypastian entity, called Black Eyed, will ensure you to establish a connexion with the chosen monster.

Now, put a drop of your own blood on the item, and while staring, looking deeply into the child’s eyes, whisper in a polite tone: ” Sweet Black Eyed, gentle Black Eyed, listen my child: your brother/sister, (tell the Creepypasta’s name) and I, have to discuss about ( tell the victim’s name)’s case tonight. Would you be a good girl and whisper it to his/her/its ear ?” Then, turn the computer off, put the item in a basket and place it under your bedroom’s open window. Then, go to sleep peacefully.

The next day, when you’ll wake up, check up the basket: if the item is still there, that means that the Creepypasta monster was too busy to answer to your request immediately… Then you’ll have to try again.But if it’s empty, congratulations ! It means that he/she/it has officially accepted to realize your bloody wish !

Don’t hesitate to call us wherever you want, everytime, everywhere !


Slenderman: a paper, where you will draw a circle with an X through it.

Jeff the Killer: a butcher knife .

Eyeless Jack: a fresh kidney by preference, but raw meat will please him as well.

BEN: an old Zelda: Majora’s Mask cartridge, with his name written on it with a felt-tip marker

The Rake: a dead rabbit, that’s its favourite meal. 23 pictures of it.

Suicide Sally: a pink rose or an old teddy bear.

Laughing jack: black and white sweets ( his favourites are lollipops).

ZALGO (hard to establish a connection with): a broken glass.

(if you are interested by a Creepypasta monster not mentionned in the list above, please send us a mail to tell us your choice: we’ll precise which object you have to pick up for this one).”

it really scares my sis, what does that mean ? do u believe it’s fake or not ? answer us plz

maddy185, 01:35 AM: up

Jason-Voorhees-alive has joined the conversation.

Jason-Voorhees-alive, 01:38 PM: Better grab a dictionnary instead of reading some shit on the internet, sms language burns my eyes

Jason-Voorhees-alive has quit the conversation.

Darkness-emily56 has joined the conversation.

Darkness-emily56, 01:38 AM: Jeez that’s weird :O but you know, it’s just a huge fake, you don’t have to be scared of stories like this ^^ Plu, creepypasta are just a bunch of supposed-to-be scary stories on the internet, so you and your sister can sleep tight tonight ^^

maddy123, 01:42 AM: Jason-Voorhees-alive stfu Darkness-emily56 thank u but that really scares us a lot, and we feel a strange atmosphere in our room now, i swear something is wrong with this mail

Darkness-emily56, 01:44 AM: That’s nothing ^^ but what are you feeling exactly now ?

maddy185, 01:45 AM: cold, very cold, and we feel litteraly like somebody is watching us

maddy185, 01:45 AM: it’s not a joke we are so scared Sad

death-raven has joined the conversation.

death-raven, 01:50 AM: Have you tried the ritual ?

Radioactiveee11 has joined the conversation.

maddy185, 01:53 AM: no, we dunno what is a creepypasta, and we are too scared to do it ! why u wanna know that :/

death-raven, 01:55 AM: It would be fun to try Very Happy

radioactiveee11, 01:57 AM: Jeff the Killer, please kill my psychopath maths teacher xD

death-raven, 01:58 AM: lol

maddy185, 02:00 AM: ppl that’s not funny ! so if you are here to say some random shit aroud gtfo of here !

radioactiveee11, 02:03 AM: Ssh, stop bashing around with your silly creepypasta stories, here it’s a serious forum about paranormal, not fake lame rituals with a psycho little girl… —’

maddy185, 02:03 AM: i’m not bashing around, there’s REALLY something wrong with it, the black eyed girl picture gives us the creeps :/

death-raven, 02:05 AM: So close it you dumbass Very Happy

death-raven, 02:05 AM: your name is Maddy right ? (nice profile pic btw Very Happy )

maddy185, 02:06 AM: you motherfucker, dont fuckin try this ritual you asshole !!!

radioactiveee11, 02:08 AM: You poor scaredy cat x) go death-raven :P

Darkness-emily56, 02:10 AM: You guys are really just a bunch of jerks,don’t you see that she is really scared ?

Darkness-emily56, 02:11 AM: I agree with you, this ritual is just a huge fake, but stop trolling with her, that’s disgusting guys :/

maddy185, 02:13 AM: thanks emily u are a sweet girl Smile

Darkness-emily56, 02:13 AM: ^^

death-raven, 03:15 AM: I’ve done the ritual 3Smile Jeff will watch you sleep tonight Maddy Very Happy

radioactiveee11, 03:17 AM: Jeffy’s gotta kill some crazy obsessed fangirl tonight Very Happy

maddy185, 03:20 AM: NO !!!!!!

maddy185, 03:20 AM: you son of a bitch !!!

Darkness-emily56, 03:23 AM: Okay guys, it has gone too far this time: I’m gonna call the moderator

Darkness-emily56, 03:23 AM: You really are pigs…

maddy185, 03:25 AM: i’m scared i’m scared i’m scared !!! help me please :””(

Darkness-emily56, 03:24 AM: That’s okay Maddy, these jerks are just playing with your nerves. The moderator is gonna kick them out of this discussion

death-raven, 03:25 AM: so pitiful Very Happy

Moderator has banned death-raven and radioactiveee11.

Darkness-emily56, 03:26 AM: The trolls are gone Maddy, you don’t have to be scared of them anymore Smile

Darkness-emily56, 03:58 AM: ?

Darkness-emily56, 04:05 AM: ??? Maddy ?

maddy185, 04:17 AM: It was a pleasure to lick her blood

Darkness-emily56, 04:18 AM: WTF ???? Maddy that’s not funny <:O

maddy185 has disconnected.

Darkness-emily56, 04:19 AM: Oh my god. Now this gives me the creeps.

death-raven2 has joined the conversation

death-raven2, 06:03 AM: Emily, are you still there ???

death-raven2, 06:04 AM: Emily please answer quickly, that’s death-raven , I’ve made another account, please answer !!!

Darkness-emily56, 23:38 PM: what happened ??? Did you see her last message ? I’m really worried !!!

death-raven2, 23:40 PM: OMg Emily it was true. HE killed her by my fault !!! what have I done ?

Darkness-emily56, 23:41 AM: WTF dude ??? Please explain, that’s getting really serious now

death-raven2, 23:42 PM: I did the ritual with Jeff the Killer, them I went to sleep. In the morning I checked the basket, thinking it was a big fake. But I found this !!! ( see the paper picture)

death-raven2, 23:43 PM: And the knife has DISAPPEARED  !!!!!!!!

Darkness-emily56, 23:44 PM: … Oh Lord.

death-raven2, 23:45 PM: I’m so sorry,i thought it was a big fake, but I don’t know why I’ve done it Sad I wish I could make something !!!

Darkness-emily56, 23:47 PM: Poor Maddy ! :”( yes we have to do something to find how is she…

death-raven2, 23:48 AM: … You lady deserve the award of the most retarded girl in the world

Darkness-emily56, 23:49 PM: ??? why that you jerk ?

death-raven2, 23:49 PM: I was Maddy Very Happy

Darkness-emily56,23:52 PM: You fucking dick.

death-raven2, 23:53 PM: :DDD jeez you are so gullible !

Darkness-emily56, 23:54 PM: Fucker.

death-raven2, 23:55 PM: I troll you with love darling <3

Darkness-emily56: 23:59 PM: So everything was a fake… I feel like such an idiot.

death-raven2, 00:03 AM Well this mail wasn’t a fake, I actually really found it on a website called Creepypasta Wikia two days ago, but eh that’s just some internet bullshit :wink:

Darkness-emily56: Tell me that you are joking.

death-raven2, 00:04 AM: Nope sweetheart, not this time ! Why ? You did the ritual on me maybe ? :P

Darkness-emily56, 00:05 AM: Yes, I was so angry after you that I really did it on you last night…

death-raven2, 00:06 AM: seriously xD anyway, that’s just a huge fake, so I’m won’t be mad about you girl xD

Darkness-emily56, 00:07: Yeah Very Happy

death-raven2, 00:07 AM: ghqiugnheZOGIHRFOBIGYT

Darkness-emily56, 00:07 AM: ? Are you dying on your keyboard ? Very Happy

death-raven2, 00:08 AM: Dear Emily, I thank you for the raw meat last night: it was delicious. But Ethan’s kidney is even more delicious…

death-raven2: 00:09 AM: PS: Exceptionnally, Jeffrey was also present for the killing: he doesn’t like to be a mockery.

Moderator has closed this conversation.
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PostPosted: Thu 18 Jun 2015 - 17:55    Post subject: Publicité

PublicitéSupprimer les publicités ?
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PostPosted: Thu 18 Jun 2015 - 22:33    Post subject: How to summon a creepypasya Reply with quote

C'est pas mal, mais le fait que tu fasses appel à d'autres personnages de creepypastas me dérange un peu, en fait. Mais bon, c'est plus ou moins justifié...

[J'éditerai pour poster un avis, tout ça, tout ça]

EDIT : Je n'avais pas lu le message juste avant le texte, j'attends les changements pour voter, donc.
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PostPosted: Fri 19 Jun 2015 - 11:30    Post subject: How to summon a creepypasya Reply with quote

Je me demande juste pourquoi tu ne l'as pas traduite , si elle est de toi?
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PostPosted: Fri 19 Jun 2015 - 16:31    Post subject: How to summon a creepypasya Reply with quote

Ici c'est "traduction de creepypasta", donc pour proposer les tiennes c'est pas la bonne section, et le but du site c'est de proposer des textes en français donc pour l'instant je vois pas l'intérêt de ton texte.

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